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X-Post /r/bitcoin:Perth CBD cafe 'Biscotti' now accepting Bitcoin payment

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AUSTRALIA: Perth CBD cafe 'Biscotti' now accepting Bitcoin payment

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Dear newbies, do not mine

Mining is beyond most of us and anything mentioning the cloud is a scam.
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VISA CEO “Bitcoin is two things, right? Bitcoin is a currency & it is a way to create a network. And the two today aren’t associated. ‘Are you going to accept the coin? we’ll think about it when clients want to use it. When banks and merchants saying ‘Hey, our clients really want to pay in Bitcoin’

VISA CEO “Bitcoin is two things, right? Bitcoin is a currency & it is a way to create a network. And the two today aren’t associated. ‘Are you going to accept the coin? we’ll think about it when clients want to use it. When banks and merchants saying ‘Hey, our clients really want to pay in Bitcoin’ submitted by bit_moon to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Who ever created changetip thank you!!

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Everywhere Peter thiel goes, the bitcoin question follows!

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does anyon else get chewed out for tipping

so i just spent the last of my coins tipping some youtubers. while some of them were grateful and thanked me, a few others seemed really hostile at the fact that i was giving them free money and thought it was a virus or something (idk what the fuck they were thinking) has anyone else run into this?
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Been lurking here for far too long. Finally got my first bitcoins from this kind stranger!

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Just wanted to say: Unboxed my Trezor and everything was 100% awesome, thanks Trezor.

I know that most of us here will end up posting when we have problems/concerns/questions, but I wanted to do the opposite.
I bought a Trezor 6 days ago, it just arrived today all the way from the Czech Republic to the US (6 days for that is amazing to me).
I unboxed it, threw away that silly low quality cable and used my own high quality micro USB cable to set up the device.
Everything went 100% smooth and I am currently waiting on confirmation of a test send from a low volume Electrum wallet I keep for testing, to my Trezor wallet:
The setup was smooth, Trezor Bridge worked great (OSX Yosemite latest, Safari latest), the initial pin creation and setup process worked very well, and I'm super excited for my future with this little device!
Now if I could just get the Electrum team to finally test and release v2.0 so that I can link my Trezor to Electrum*, I would be in heaven!
*2.0 beta is up on Github but I really don't want to compile and run unreleased wallet code. Also, while myWallet seems ok, I really do prefer a non-centralized wallet client approach, hence my eager anticipation of Trezor + Electrum.
Anyway, just wanted to say that I had a great experience and THANKS TREZOR!!!!
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Why British Airways Needs to Switch to Blockchain
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Author: MelodicBiscotti
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"...then they fight you, then you win". The turnaround is definitely near.

The fighting phase is being unleashed upon us with all the crackdowns, trolls on tv and "the internets", and whatelse? All this bad news had been getting into my head lately, then I remembered we're just traversing another necessary step to the finish line. Welcome to all the new comers. A good time to join in before the lift.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi
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Bitcoin Club?

Hey fellow students, anyone looking to become a founding member of a Bitcoin Club on campus? I was thinking we could raise awareness, do charity events, and convince industry leaders for a Bitcoin ATM on campus. We can be fun and interactive at student org fairs and expos to spread the word as well. I'm thinking way far ahead but maybe even assisting businesses and on-campus vendors in accepting Bitcoin for payment?
Anyway a lot of schools have this by now ( and many seem to have their stuff together. There is in fact a union of student orgs of this nature, ( and it seems like we could make it in. They have an annual conference and speaker series; there's no reason why we can't get involved. Here is just a handful of schools who have done something like this.
Penn State: MIT: UColorado:
Charity organizations exist that we can partner with or promote such as the BitGive Foundation (
It's not drastically many schools so far but I don't see why it shouldn't be! Anyway I need a team to join me, and hopefully you guys will see the potential for growth in this as I do. Hopefully there are enough of you on here to hear me out, and spread to word to your friends if they ever mentioned interest in Bitcoin.
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Investing in dopamine. Does this app exist yet? If so I'd like to invest in it.

Bitcoin adoption by retailers has been slow, and I think there's a fairly simple business-bottom-line reason for that. Businesses have long realized that customers will spend more if they use credit cards - so in the end they don't mind eating the 3% fees, knowing that they might be getting 20-50% more revenue by simply allowing the customers to pay with plastic. The evidence for this is all over the place: For example, consider gas stations, who actually make it a point to discourage the use of plastic by passing the charge onto you - they know you are always going to fill up your tank - so there's no possibility you might go ahead and get twice as much gas you need. The $5.00-10 minimum purchase we see a number of coffee shops is not to cover the cost of the transaction, but instead to increase revenue by encouraging you to buy more. ("In that case, I'll go ahead and have that biscotti with my latte".)
Now there are two significant reasons credit cards have the edge over bitcoin in this arena. The first, which bitcoin cannot compete with, is the fact that you are spending money now that you will pay later. The second is rewards point. Consumers are irrationally excited about rewards points. When I spend $6000 on my Amex card on groceries, and max out my yearly 6% cashback, instead of asking myself "how did you manage to spend $6000 on groceries" I say "Awesome! I got $360 cash back for buying groceries!" This is simple psychology that credit cards and retailers have discovered and are profiting from. Dopamine goes nuts when you get rewards points, even if it's only a few cents worth. I admit that I will take several minutes out of my day to enter a rewards code into my starbucks account, although I have no idea what these are even good for. But I want to get to Gold!
The beauty about bitcoin is that it can offer this second piece of the credit card addiction very easily and universally.
So what needs to happen? Simple: An app which allows you to pay retailers to pay bitcoin, and then immediately spits back at your address some sort of a preminted, possibly even centralized, 2.0 type coin. This immediately pops up in your wallet app with some happy little coin with a logo, and your dopamine receptors party like you just finally got the 4096 square.
Imagine this. You walk into Starbucks, hold your phone up to pay with bitcoin and then you get this little ad that says, buy the lemon bread and get 10 extra starbucks coins, and you're like "Why yes that lemon bread does look delicious" and so you buy it, and as you goto wait for your drink to be made you get this push notification which says "You just earned 47 Starbcoins." You see a visual of these pretty little coins going ding-ding-ding into your rewards wallet. Now the cocktail of great smells, hip music, coffee served by hip baristas with high calorie lemon cake all together with the thrill of earning rewards points, you've pretty much just snorted cocaine. You will be back the next day.
So who's developing this? It's seems like an obvious 2.0 project
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Can pastry shops offer Bitcoin specials?

I'm giving out biscotti and donuts and it'd be great if donut, pastry, coffee shops could have a $0.25 special for these people to redeem locally. It would really show the power of Bitcoin. From Reddit to a donut in their mouth without fees.
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Return Of The Biscotti Bandit Biscoshark Biscotti - YouTube Davie504 vs TwoSetViolin VINO, FOTOGRAFIA, BISCOTTI, BITCOIN, OROSCOPO E ... CUCINA Biscotti con finestra

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Return Of The Biscotti Bandit

In studio con Donatella Cinelli Colombini (Pres. Ass. Donne del Vino) per parlare dell'associazione; l'oroscopo della settimana di Aline Doncarli Bondielli; ... Unsubscribe from Purple Biscotti? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 22. ... Banking on Bitcoin - Duration: 1:23:41. YouTube Movies. 1:23:41. RAYMOND GETS POPULAR ... New Design - DIY Breathable Mask The mask does not touch your mouth and nose, easier to breathe - Duration: 7:57. DIY Crafts VN Recommended for you FNG. Parliamo un po' di Tezos e delle sue interessanti peculiarità: linguaggio Michelson, Baking, DPoS... Ci vediamo al prossimo meetup organizzato da https://tez...

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