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We are bitcoiners going our own way by forging our own identities and paths to self-defined consensus; cutting through collective ideas of what bitcoin is.

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Splitting 3 blue bitcoin pills between 4 people? /r/MDMA

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Bitcoin Is Your Red Pill and U.S. Dollar Your Blue Pill

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Bitcoin Is Your Red Pill and U.S. Dollar Your Blue Pill

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Bitcoin Is Your Red Pill and U.S. Dollar Your Blue Pill

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Bitcoin is Your Red Pill and U.S. Dollar Your Blue Pill

“Bitcoin Is Your Red Pill and U.S. Dollar Your Blue Pill” by Sylvain Saurel https://link.medium.com/MeoFPqzlj6
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Bitcoin Is Your Red Pill and U.S. Dollar Your Blue Pill

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Watering Down Bitcoin ~ https://speakerdeck.com/meltdem/blue-pill-the-two-faces-of-bitcoin?slide=21

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VENUSEnergy IEO is live on ExMarkets. You can contribute in Ethereum and in Bitcoin. Red pill or Blue pill? Which gateway will you choose? See you on ExMarkets! ETH terminal: https://exmarkets.com/launchpad/venus-eth BTC terminal: https://exmarkets.com/launchpad/venus-btc

VENUSEnergy IEO is live on ExMarkets. You can contribute in Ethereum and in Bitcoin. Red pill or Blue pill? Which gateway will you choose? See you on ExMarkets! ETH terminal: https://exmarkets.com/launchpad/venus-eth BTC terminal: https://exmarkets.com/launchpad/venus-btc submitted by dodovano to ExMarkets [link] [comments]

Before you scroll.. I have two options for you: take the red pill, and click the link. Or, take the blue pill, and ignore it. The truth behind what's going on in bitcoin must be known

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Has anyone tried blue punisher pills? /r/DNMUK

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Blue pills /r/melbourne

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4 Months Clean!!!

Hey y’all! Not sure if you’ve seen my posts in the past but I am now 4 months clean!! Honestly it might be 5! I was in a terrible addiction to those blue devils, roxy 30s!....and any other pain meds I could get. I was doing 300mg of REAL OXY a day for a solid year straight with the obvious 2-3 days off when I couldn’t score, but I spent over 100k easily throughout that year and lost everything! Toward the end I was doing pills with Fent in them and I knew I was because I could do a quarter to half a pill And be fucked for 4-7 hours at a time...
I started subs late January to early February and never looked back! I started on 2-4mg to get used to subs and now I am stabilized on 8-11mg a day, and I don’t ever have the slightest urge to go score let roxys. I also just graduated college with my computer science degree and have over 10k saved in bitcoin!
I know people will say I’m not clean while on subs but fuck em! I literally don’t get high at all and my life is coming together again. My plan was to quit the subs when I get my full-time job which should be I’m about a month or 2! Once I get my job and get a place of my own, I plan on tapering down and coming off completely from the low doses with kratom for an easy transition!! Wish me luck y’all!
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4 Months Clean!

Hey y’all! Not sure if you’ve seen my posts in the past but I am now 4 months clean!! Honestly it might be 5! I was in a terrible addiction to those blue devils, roxy 30s!....and any other pain meds I could get. I was doing 300mg of REAL OXY a day for a solid year straight with the obvious 2-3 days off when I couldn’t score, but I spent over 100k easily throughout that year and lost everything! Toward the end I was doing pills with Fent in them and I knew I was because I could do a quarter to half a pill And be fucked for 4-7 hours at a time...
I started subs late January to early February and never looked back! I started on 2-4mg to get used to subs and now I am stabilized on 8-11mg a day, and I don’t ever have the slightest urge to go score let roxys. I also just graduated college with my computer science degree and have over 10k saved in bitcoin!
I know people will say I’m not clean while on subs but fuck em! I literally don’t get high at all and my life is coming together again. My plan was to quit the subs when I get my full-time job which should be I’m about a month or 2! Once I get my job and get a place of my own, I plan on tapering down and coming off completely from the low doses with kratom for an easy transition!! Wish me luck y’all!
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Celo technical review

Introduction Celo Technical Review: What Celo Wants to Achieve? Celo’s main motive is to make their crypto currency as a platform of payments. These are some of the problems faced in the crypto industry now: - Existing crypto currencies like Bitcoin are not used as payment platforms as they are considered store of value due to their deflationary nature. - Crypto in itself is very difficult with bad UIs and very difficult for the users to manage their keys and they require the public key of the user whom they want to send payment. - There is no concrete governance structure in crypto currencies. Celo wants to eliminate the above problems by following methods: - They are proposing to introduce a stable coin with elastic supply backed by variable reserves - They are using Address Based encryption to make ease of use of payments - They are introducing Governance structure at different levels. What is Address Based Encryption? Address Based Encryption is a novel approach of enabling the user to use their phone number or email address as a secure way of messaging. Users generate traditional ways of public / private key and encrypt their public key with their phone number, so they can use their phone number to send / receive Celo money. This encrypted value will be stored in a database and committed by the validator. This is what Celo is mainly pitching to reduce the dependency on people to use their public keys while transferring payment to reduce user onboarding. All one has to do is a one-time setup and then you can use your phone number as an address for sending payments! As simple as that! This is what Celo is hoping to achieve. Although this model does bring its own set up of problems, Celo addressed these issues and how they plan to resolve these in their white paper. We have some queries on these approaches which we will address at the end of this review. What is Elastic Coin Supply? Celo has two assets, Celo Gold and Celo Dollar. - Celo Dollar which will be the stablecoin. Celo Dollar will be elastic in nature as it will be freshly minted if the price goes above the peg. - Celo Gold is the utility token of the blockchain. Celo Gold will be used for governance, staking and as an incentive for developers which will be put in reserve. Celo Governance Since Celo uses Proof of Stake, Celo Gold will be used for staking and also for any governance decision making. This will be done by sending the Celo Gold tokens to a smart contract with a withdrawal notice set for a duration. White Paper Summary Overall, a good paper presented well. The value of Celo Gold will depend upon the usability of the Celo platform. Perhaps, something to learn from ETH where the value of ETH has risen because one can build various tokens on the ETH network. Questions for Celo Team (White Paper) - For the Address based encryption, it is mentioned that validators will be used to attest the signatures. * Our Question(s): How many validators will be used and what's the slashable criteria for the validators? - For mitigating the DDOS, a cost to attestation is required, which basically means users sending out a fee for attestation. * Our Question(s): Wouldn't this hamper a new user, as he has to pay a fee just for registering his key? Also, what is the time overhead required for the validators to verify and attest the message? - Regarding the Elastic Coin Supply, it is mentioned that when the Celo Dollar price is above peg, new coins will be minted and instead of distributing them to the user, they will be used to buy various other crypto-assets and sell them when required. * Our Question(s): What are the assets that will be bought is not cleamentioned and weI really think this is not a good method as we know the value of crypto assets might decay over a period of time. Any thoughts on that? Also, who will cover for that if net value ends up as loss? - Also, to be elected validator, it was mentioned that the users can form groups and pitch themselves to be validators. * Our Question(s): Wouldn't this make the protocol more centralized, something akin to a DPOS system? Other Question(s): - What are the criteria of slashing funds of a validator? - What about storage problems, since they are forking ETH, wouldn't they inherit the same problems ETH has with respect to speed and storage overhead? - To make any technical improvements, anybody can make a bonded deposit and validators can vote on that. But wouldn't this pave way to the incorrect technical improvements to be made and also will the deposit be slashed if there is incorrect spec on the improvement submitted by the developer? - What will be the function of a smart contract platform in addition to the bonded deposits and attestation of messages?
Celo Code Review Celo Repositories and Blockchain: Celo has 69 repositories. Initial observations are that Celo blockchain is a fork / copy of GETH with some modifications. Key Modifications: - Addition of BLS signatures - Addition of Istanbul-BFT consensus in place of POW - Introduction of Celo Gold Tokens BLS Signatures: A simple explanation is that BLS Signatures offer a better way of aggregating signatures and reducing the storage in blocks. However, verification of these signatures still takes time. IBFT Consensus - Istanbul BFT consensus: A simple explanation of IBFT Consensus is that it is modified PBFT which is most suitable for permissioned networks. This consensus works well with a smaller set of validators and is fast and also offers safety for up to 2/3 of the dishonest nodes. Celo Gold Tokens: Celo Gold Tokens is a native token of Celo Blockchain, just like ETH for ethereum blockchain. Having reviewed all the repositories, we feel that there are a lot of other repos which have most of the code they have mentioned in the white paper, like Governance, Slashing, Stable Coin etc. Overall, all the other reports are well maintained. We don’t see any major red flags in their repositories. Questions for Celo Team (Code): - Our only observation is that we are still unable to understand why they would be needing a separate blockchain to carry out all aforementioned functions. Can't they use PoA network, which is similar to their blockchain, and they can still add the aforementioned functions or better be as a sidechain to ETH?
- What's the reason for forking ETH? - What’s the Unique Selling point for Celo in the midst of several stable currencies, are we relying only on the one point of ease of access? Should I invest in Celo or not? The Matrix's Red Pill or Blue Pill or Celos’ Green Pill — Which Is Better? Discuss, ask questions here and we will learn. source:https://t.me/DotCrypto
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Default English word list

Alright so, I took the default database from there https://skribbliohints.github.io/ and with the help of html, I extracted the words to a list separated by commas. It's useful when you want to translate those words into your native language.
Word of advice, when using google translate, do not put all words at once there, it can rapidly worsen the translation.
(And there is a last thing. Their algorithm of picking only custom words is not working really good, at least for me. Meaning that I often get duplicates, despite having a list this big and without duplicates. I'm still trying to find some solution to this, so if somebody is experiencing this as well, share the knowledge please, I will do the same.)
SOLUTION: Thanks for the reply from PepegaWR who identified the cause. I also tested it and there seems to be a custom words limit of 5000 characters. The easiest way in my opinion is to shuffle the words before each session to minimize the impact. Also thanks to the flynger who had the same idea before me :)
Finally, here it is, enjoy the scribbling ^^ :

ABBA, AC/DC, Abraham Lincoln, Adidas, Africa, Aladdin, America, Amsterdam, Android, Angelina Jolie, Angry Birds, Antarctica, Anubis, Apple, Argentina, Asia, Asterix, Atlantis, Audi, Australia, BMW, BMX, Bambi, Band-Aid, Barack Obama, Bart Simpson, Batman, Beethoven, Bible, Big Ben, Bill Gates, Bitcoin, Black Friday, Bomberman, Brazil, Bruce Lee, Bugs Bunny, Canada, Capricorn, Captain America, Cat Woman, Cerberus, Charlie Chaplin, Chewbacca, China, Chinatown, Christmas, Chrome, Chuck Norris, Colosseum, Cookie Monster, Crash Bandicoot, Creeper, Croatia, Cuba, Cupid, DNA, Daffy Duck, Darwin, Darwin Watterson, Deadpool, Dexter, Discord, Donald Duck, Donald Trump, Dora, Doritos, Dracula, Dumbo, Earth, Easter, Easter Bunny, Egypt, Eiffel tower, Einstein, Elmo, Elon Musk, Elsa, Eminem, England, Europe, Excalibur, Facebook, Family Guy, Fanta, Ferrari, Finn, Finn and Jake, Flash, Florida, France, Frankenstein, Fred Flintstone, Gandalf, Gandhi, Garfield, Germany, God, Goofy, Google, Great Wall, Greece, Green Lantern, Grinch, Gru, Gumball, Happy Meal, Harry Potter, Hawaii, Hello Kitty, Hercules, Hollywood, Home Alone, Homer Simpson, Hula Hoop, Hulk, Ikea, India, Intel, Ireland, Iron Giant, Iron Man, Israel, Italy, Jack-o-lantern, Jackie Chan, James Bond, Japan, JayZ, Jenga, Jesus Christ, Jimmy Neutron, John Cena, Johnny Bravo, KFC, Katy Perry, Kermit, Kim Jong-un, King Kong, Kirby, Kung Fu, Lady Gaga, Las Vegas, Lasagna, Lego, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leonardo da Vinci, Lion King, London, London Eye, Luigi, MTV, Madagascar, Mario, Mark Zuckerberg, Mars, McDonalds, Medusa, Mercedes, Mercury, Mexico, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, Microsoft, Milky Way, Minecraft, Miniclip, Minion, Minotaur, Mona Lisa, Monday, Monster, Mont Blanc, Morgan Freeman, Morse code, Morty, Mount Everest, Mount Rushmore, Mozart, Mr. Bean, Mr. Meeseeks, Mr Bean, Mr Meeseeks, Mummy, NASCAR, Nasa, Nemo, Neptune, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nike, Nintendo Switch, North Korea, Northern Lights, Norway, Notch, Nutella, Obelix, Olaf, Oreo, Pac-Man, Paris, Patrick, Paypal, Peppa Pig, Pepsi, Phineas and Ferb, Photoshop, Picasso, Pikachu, Pink Panther, Pinocchio, Playstation, Pluto, Pokemon, Popeye, Popsicle, Porky Pig, Portugal, Poseidon, Pringles, Pumba, Reddit, Rick, Robbie Rotten, Robin Hood, Romania, Rome, Russia, Samsung, Santa, Saturn, Scooby Doo, Scotland, Segway, Sherlock Holmes, Shrek, Singapore, Skittles, Skrillex, Skype, Slinky, Solar System, Sonic, Spain, Spartacus, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Squidward, Star Wars, Statue of Liberty, Steam, Stegosaurus, Steve Jobs, Stone Age, Sudoku, Suez Canal, Superman, Susan Wojcicki, Sydney Opera House, T-rex, Tails, Tarzan, Teletubby, Terminator, Tetris, The Beatles, Thor, Titanic, Tooth Fairy, Tower Bridge, Tower of Pisa, Tweety, Twitter, UFO, USB, Uranus, Usain Bolt, Vatican, Vault boy, Velociraptor, Venus, Vin Diesel, W-LAN, Wall-e, WhatsApp, William Shakespeare, William Wallace, Winnie the Pooh, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Xbox, Xerox, Yin and Yang, Yoda, Yoshi, Youtube, Zelda, Zeus, Zorro, Zuma, abstract, abyss, accident, accordion, ace, acid, acne, acorn, action, actor, addiction, addition, adorable, adult, advertisement, afro, afterlife, air conditioner, airbag, aircraft, airplane, airport, alarm, albatross, alcohol, alien, allergy, alley, alligator, almond, alpaca, ambulance, anaconda, anchor, angel, anglerfish, angry, animation, anime, ant, anteater, antelope, antenna, anthill, antivirus, anvil, apartment, apocalypse, applause, apple, apple pie, apple seed, apricot, aquarium, arch, archaeologist, archer, architect, aristocrat, arm, armadillo, armor, armpit, arrow, ash, assassin, assault, asteroid, astronaut, asymmetry, athlete, atom, attic, audience, autograph, avocado, axe, baboon, baby, back pain, backbone, backflip, backpack, bacon, bad, badger, bag, bagel, bagpipes, baguette, bait, bakery, baklava, balance, balcony, bald, ball, ballerina, ballet, balloon, bamboo, banana, bandage, bandana, banjo, bank, banker, bar, barbarian, barbecue, barbed wire, barber, barcode, bark, barn, barrel, bartender, base, basement, basket, basketball, bat, bathroom, bathtub, battery, battle, battleship, bayonet, bazooka, beach, beak, bean, bean bag, beanie, beanstalk, bear, bear trap, beatbox, beaver, bed, bed bug, bed sheet, bedtime, bee, beef, beer, beet, beetle, bell, bell pepper, bellow, belly, belly button, below, belt, bench, betray, bicycle, bill, billiards, bingo, binoculars, biology, birch, bird, bird bath, birthday, biscuit, bite, black, black hole, blackberry, blacksmith, blanket, bleach, blender, blimp, blind, blindfold, blizzard, blood, blowfish, blue, blueberry, blush, boar, board, boat, bobsled, bodyguard, boil, bomb, booger, book, bookmark, bookshelf, boomerang, boots, border, bottle, bottle flip, bounce, bouncer, bow, bowl, bowling, box, boy, bracelet, braces, brain, brainwash, branch, brand, bread, breakfast, breath, brick, bricklayer, bride, bridge, broadcast, broccoli, broken heart, bronze, broom, broomstick, brownie, bruise, brunette, brush, bubble, bubble gum, bucket, building, bulge, bull, bulldozer, bullet, bumper, bungee jumping, bunk bed, bunny, burglar, burp, burrito, bus, bus driver, bus stop, butcher, butler, butt cheeks, butter, butterfly, button, cab driver, cabin, cabinet, cactus, cage, cake, calendar, camel, camera, campfire, camping, can, can opener, canary, candle, canister, cannon, canyon, cap, cape, cappuccino, captain, car wash, cardboard, carnival, carnivore, carpenter, carpet, carrot, cartoon, cash, casino, cast, cat, catalog, catapult, caterpillar, catfish, cathedral, cauldron, cauliflower, cave, caveman, caviar, ceiling, ceiling fan, celebrate, celebrity, cell, cell phone, cello, cement, centaur, centipede, chain, chainsaw, chair, chalk, chameleon, champagne, champion, chandelier, charger, cheek, cheeks, cheerleader, cheese, cheeseburger, cheesecake, cheetah, chef, chemical, cherry, cherry blossom, chess, chest, chest hair, chestnut, chestplate, chew, chicken, chihuahua, child, chime, chimney, chimpanzee, chin, chinchilla, chocolate, chopsticks, church, cicada cigarette, cinema, circle, circus, clap, clarinet, classroom, claw, clay, clean, clickbait, cliff, climb, cloak, clock, cloth, clothes hanger, cloud, clover, clown, clownfish, coach, coal, coast, coast guard, coaster, coat, cobra, cockroach, cocktail, coconut, cocoon, coffee, coffee shop, coffin, coin, cola, cold, collapse, collar, color-blind, comb, comedian, comedy, comet, comfortable, comic book, commander, commercial, communism, community, compass, complete, computer, concert, condiment, cone, confused, console, continent, controller, conversation, cookie, cookie jar, copper, copy, coral, coral reef, cord, cork, corkscrew, corn, corn dog, corner, cornfield, corpse, cotton, cotton candy, country, cousin, cow, cowbell, cowboy, coyote, crab, crack, crate, crawl space, crayon, cream, credit, credit card, cricket, cringe, crocodile, croissant, crossbow, crow, crowbar, crucible, cruise, crust, crystal, cube, cuckoo, cucumber, cup, cupboard, cupcake, curry, curtain, cushion, customer, cut, cute, cyborg, cylinder, cymbal, dagger, daisy, dalmatian, dance, dandelion, dandruff, darts, dashboard, daughter, day, dead, deaf, deep, deer, defense, delivery, demon, demonstration, dent, dentist, deodorant, depressed, derp, desert, desk, desperate, dessert, detective, detonate, dew, diagonal, diagram, diamond, diaper, dice, dictionary, die, diet, dig, dinner, dinosaur, diploma, dirty, disaster, disease, dishrag, dispenser, display, diss track, distance, diva, divorce, dizzy, dock, doctor, dog, doghouse, doll, dollar, dollhouse, dolphin, dome, dominoes, donkey, door, doorknob, dots, double, dough, download, dragon, dragonfly, drain, drama, drawer, dream, dress, drink, drip, drive, driver, drool, droplet, drought, drum, drum kit, duck, duct tape, duel, dwarf, dynamite, eagle, ear, earbuds, earthquake, earwax, east, eat, echo, eclipse, eel, egg, eggplant, elbow, elder, election, electric car, electric guitar, electrician, electricity, elephant, elevator, embers, emerald, emoji, employer, emu, end, engine, engineer, equator, eraser, error, eskimo, espresso, evaporate, evening, evolution, exam, excavator, exercise, explosion, eye, eyebrow, eyelash, eye shadow, fabric, fabulous, facade, face, face paint, factory, failure, fairy, fake teeth, fall, family, farm, farmer, fashion designer, fast, fast food, fast forward, father, faucet, feather, fence, fencing, fern, festival, fidget spinner, field, figurine, filmmaker, filter, finger, fingernail, fingertip, fire alarm, fire hydrant, fire truck, fireball, firecracker, firefighter, firefly, firehouse, fireman, fireplace, fireproof, fireside, firework, fish, fish bowl, fisherman, fist fight, fitness trainer, fizz, flag, flagpole, flamethrower, flamingo, flashlight, flask, flea, flight attendant, flock, floodlight, floppy disk, florist, flower, flu, fluid, flush, flute, fly, fly swatter, flying pig, fog, foil, folder, food, forehead, forest, forest fire, fork, fort, fortress, fortune, fossil, fountain, fox, frame, freckles, freezer, fridge, fries, frog, frostbite, frosting, frown, fruit, full, full moon, funeral, funny, fur, furniture, galaxy, gang, gangster, garage, garbage, garden, gardener, garlic, gas, gas mask, gasoline, gasp, gate, gem, gender, generator, genie, gentle, gentleman, geography, germ, geyser, ghost, giant, gift, giraffe, girl, gladiator, glass, glasses, glitter, globe, gloss, glove, glow, glowstick, glue, glue stick, gnome, goal, goat, goatee, goblin, godfather, gold, gold chain, golden apple, golden egg, goldfish, golf, golf cart, good, goose, gorilla, graduation, graffiti, grandmother, grapefruit, grapes, graph, grass, grasshopper, grave, gravedigger, gravel, graveyard, gravity, greed, grenade, grid, grill, grin, groom, grumpy, guillotine, guinea pig, guitar, gumball, gummy, gummy bear, gummy worm, hacker, hair, hair roller, hairbrush, haircut, hairspray, hairy, half, halo, ham, hamburger, hammer, hammock, hamster, hand, handicap, handle, handshake, hanger, happy, harbor, hard, hard hat, harmonica, harp, harpoon, hashtag, hat, hazard, hazelnut, head, headache, headband, headboard, heading, headphones, health, heart, heat, hedgehog, heel, heist, helicopter, hell, helmet, hen, hermit, hero, hexagon, hibernate, hieroglyph, high five, high heels, high score, highway, hilarious, hill, hip hop, hippie, hippo, hitchhiker, hive, hobbit, hockey, holiday, homeless, honey, honeycomb, hoof, hook, hop, hopscotch, horizon, horn, horse, horsewhip, hose, hospital, hot, hot chocolate, hot dog, hot sauce, hotel, hourglass, house, hovercraft, hug, hummingbird, hunger, hunter, hurdle, hurt, husband, hut, hyena, hypnotize, iPad, iPhone, ice, ice cream, ice cream truck, iceberg, icicle, idea, imagination, impact, incognito, industry, infinite, injection, insect, inside, insomnia, internet, intersection, interview, invasion, invention, invisible, iron, island, ivy, jacket, jackhammer, jaguar, jail, jalapeno, janitor, jaw, jazz, jeans, jeep, jello, jelly, jellyfish, jester, jet ski, joker, journalist, journey, judge, juggle, juice, jump rope, jungle, junk food, kangaroo, karaoke, karate, katana, kazoo, kebab, keg, kendama, ketchup, kettle, key, keyboard, kidney, kindergarten, king, kiss, kitchen, kite, kitten, kiwi, knee, kneel, knife, knight, knot, knuckle, koala, kraken, label, laboratory, ladder, lady, ladybug, lake, lamb, lamp, landlord, landscape, lane, language, lantern, lap, laptop, laser, lasso, laundry, lava, lava lamp, lawn mower, lawyer, leader, leaf, leak, leash, leather, leave, leech, legs, lemon, lemonade, lemur, lens, leprechaun, lettuce, levitate, librarian, library, licorice, lid, light bulb, lighter, lighthouse, lightning, lightsaber, lily, lilypad, limbo, lime, limousine, line, link, lion, lips, lipstick, litter box, lizard, llama, loading, loaf, lobster, lock, log, logo, lollipop, loot, loser, lotion, lottery, lounge, love, low, luck, luggage, lumberjack, lung, lynx, lyrics, macaroni, machine, macho, mafia, magazine, magic, magic trick, magic wand, magician, magma, magnet, magnifier, maid, mailbox, mailman, makeup, mall, mammoth, manatee, manhole, manicure, mannequin, mansion, mantis, map, maracas, marathon, marble, margarine, marigold, market, marmalade, marmot, marshmallow, mascot, mask, massage, match, matchbox, mattress, mayonnaise, mayor, maze, meal, meat, meatball, meatloaf, mechanic, meerkat, megaphone, melon, melt, meme, mermaid, message, messy, metal, meteorite, microphone, microscope, microwave, midnight, military, milk, milkman, milkshake, mime, miner, minigolf, minivan, mint, minute, mirror, missile, model, mohawk, mold, mole, money, monk, monkey, monster, moon, moose, mop, morning, mosquito, moss, moth, mothball, mother, motherboard, motorbike, motorcycle, mountain, mouse, mousetrap, mouth, movie, mud, muffin, mug, murderer, muscle, museum, mushroom, musket, mustache, mustard, nachos, nail, nail file, nail polish, napkin, narwhal, nature, navy, neck, needle, neighbor, neighborhood, nerd, nest, network, newspaper, nickel, night, nightclub, nightmare, ninja, noob, noodle, north, nose, nose hair, nose ring, nosebleed, nostrils, notebook, notepad, nothing, notification, novel, nugget, nuke, nun, nurse, nut, nutcracker, nutmeg, nutshell, oar, observatory, ocean, octagon, octopus, office, oil, old, omelet, onion, open, opera, orange, orangutan, orbit, orca, orchestra, orchid, organ, origami, ostrich, otter, outside, oval, overweight, owl, oxygen, oyster, paddle, page, pain, paint, paintball, pajamas, palace, palette, palm, palm tree, pan, pancake, panda, panpipes, panther, pants, papaya, paper, paper bag, parachute, parade, parakeet, parents, park, parking, parrot, party, password, pasta, pastry, path, patient, patio, patriot, pause, pavement, paw, peace, peach, peacock, peanut, pear, peas, peasant, pedal, pelican, pencil, pencil case, pencil sharpener, pendulum, penguin, peninsula, penny, pensioner, pepper, pepperoni, perfume, periscope, person, pet food, pet shop, petal, pharmacist, photo frame, photograph, photographer, piano, pickaxe, pickle, picnic, pie, pig, pigeon, piggy bank, pigsty, pike, pill, pillar, pillow, pillow fight, pilot, pimple, pin, pinball, pine, pine cone, pineapple, pink, pinky, pinwheel, pipe, pirate, pirate ship, pistachio, pistol, pitchfork, pizza, plague, planet, plank, plate, platypus, player, playground, plow, plug, plumber, plunger, pocket, pogo stick, point, poison, poisonous, poke, polar bear, policeman, pollution, polo, pond, pony, ponytail, poodle, poop, poor, popcorn, pope, poppy, popular, porch, porcupine, portal, portrait, positive, postcard, poster, pot, pot of gold, potato, potion, pound, powder, prawn, pray, preach, pregnant, present, president, pretzel, price tag, priest, prince, princess, printer, prism, prison, pro, procrastination, professor, programmer, promotion, protest, provoke, prune, pub, pudding, puddle, puffin, puma, pumpkin, punishment, punk, puppet, purity, purse, puzzle, pyramid, quarter, queen, queue, quicksand, quill, quilt, quokka, raccoon, race, racecar, radar, radiation, radio, radish, raft, rail, rain, rainbow, raincoat, raindrop, rainforest, raisin, rake, ram, ramp, rapper, raspberry, rat, ravioli, razor, razorblade, read, reality, reception, receptionist, record, rectangle, recycling, red, red carpet, reeds, referee, reflection, reindeer, relationship, religion, remote, repeat, reptile, rest, restaurant, retail, revolver, rewind, rhinoceros, rib, ribbon, rice, ring, ringtone, risk, river, roadblock, robber, robin, robot, rock, rocket, rockstar, roll, roof, room, rooster, root, rose, royal, rubber, ruby, rug, ruler, run, rune, sad, saddle, safari, safe, sailboat, salad, sale, saliva, salmon, salt, saltwater, sand, sand castle, sandbox, sandstorm, sandwich, satellite, sauce, sauna, sausage, saxophone, scar, scarecrow, scarf, scary, scent, school, science, scientist, 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Tell me I’m going to have the last laugh...

I’m a member and the bitcoin “guru” of a very well known and respected country club in my city. I honestly think I’m one of the only ones that owns bitcoin. I’ve had many upon many conversations about the value of it. Most of these guys are millionaires and I can’t convince them to buy just one coin. I’ve only “enlightened” one, who is a believer now. It’s very discouraging. Need some advice on how to help get new money into this space and to make more people take the red pill instead of the blue one. Rant over...
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Thanks MRP/ASKMRP, you fixed a man, and a marriage, although i no longer want the marriage.

130 lbs. 5’0” BF 14% (Navy) 38 old
Squat: 230 x5, OHP: 108 x5, Rows: 124 x5, Bench: 141 x5, Deadlift: 245 x5.
MMSLP, WISNIFG, NMMNG, Rollo Best of year 1,2, 16COP, BOPook, TWOTSM, Bang, RationalMale, SGM, BP professored man group/ryan stone/rollo youtube videos, Huge amounts MRP/ASKMRP posts
Together for 12 married for 10, wife 33, kids 4 and 8.
This post is to say thank you to this community for the help you provided me, it truly is a goldmine of information, the hard work of putting it all together and laid out ready to follow is much appreciated. Also this post is for my own reference in future, for comparison for others and for any comments anyone would like to make.
What happened.......
15-16 months ago i got the ILYBNILWY speach. I knew this was really bad as I had some red pill knowledge. I discovered David Deangello and RSD back in my early 20s, and did a bootcamp with RSD Ozzie. However most of what i learned was all about cold approach pickup, nothing about long term relationships/hypergamy, lifting etc, but I knew about shit tests, oneitis, being non-needy, OI, just game stuff really. It got me from incel to a few dates and lays to the wife who was the first one who was super into me, sex every day etc.
So I did some searching online about the ILYBNILWY and found Athol Kay and then MRP/AskMRP. I knew instantly the info here was legit due to past knowledge, so began lifting and reading the sidebar as fast as a could. I started focusing on the shit tests she would throw which almost alawys came in the morning whilst getting ready for work, STFU and AA were weird at first but i just kept thinking dont DEER, and that automatically lead to STFU.
After ILYBNILWY she wouldn't kiss me and no sex, she gradually started responding to my efforts though and wanted to cuddle in bed again and would kiss me as we used to, But then almost exactly a year ago, I found out she had been having an affair, it went on for about 4 months and ended a few weeks before I found out.
What gave it away..........
What gave it away was the ILYBNILWY speach, then little sex, wouldnt even kiss(peck) me leaving the house, said she 'could' sleep with others and still maintain relationship and would i sleep with other girls if she said i could (covert talk). She was calling me shit head disrespectfully a lot and talking about divorce a fair bit. She panicked when i wanted to use her phone camera and started the camera for me instead of letting me do it, waxed her vagina for first time, started getting nails and hair done regularly and asked for anal out of the blue (just before the ILYBNILWY). This was the one that got me to check her phone secrelty, after listening to Rollo and Donovan Sharp saying women do this to practice for the alpha.
I took her phone when she was asleep and exported all the SMS messages and it was clear what was going on.
What I did........................
Initially i bluffed about not being sure of what to do, I told her family to give her a consequence and told her if anything else happens its immediately over. After the ILYBNILWY speach i started lifting and reading the sidebar as fast as i could. I couldnt believe that even though i thought i was enlightened to women compared to most, there was still so much i didnt know. After a couple of months of doing callisthenics, bought a barbell, squat rack and a bench, started stronglifts 5x5 and saw huge progress. I continued to focus on shit tests andI then started playing football (soccer) with friends again once a week like I used to and started going out for beers with them again, something i stopped doing when the kids were born. I took every chance to lead, doing housework, cleaning, aranging kids birthday parties, buying christmas presents, what to do on the weekends etc.
Over the last year, half my wardrobe has been replaced with newer, nicer clothing, my old stuff was old and worn and started good grooming habits that I long since stopped doing. When ive been out with friends ive been practising cold approach pickup and Im also just starting to learn guitar and my first karate class is next month.
Ive been stashing bitcoin and gold/silver bought with cash as much as i can without it being noticed, so its all unknown by her and off the books, also read up on divorce proceedings and divorce strategy.
Ive now read a huge amount of material, done stronglifts5x5, madcow 5x5 and customised madcow 5x10 variant, not missed more than 2 days training since i started. I look and dress much better, smell better, and im in the best shape ive ever been by far. Im far bigger, stronger than ever and my 6-pack is just now starting to look good as im currently cutting. I have a strong sense of mission, to experience and get good at everything i have ability to and im enjoying life again like i havent for years.
How she responded................
Initially after finding out about the affair, i was initiating about 3-4 times a week, and although she would have sex it felt obligated and forced and she would complain a lot about what i was doing, saying shes not enjoying it etc, the frequency was 1-2 times a week with 1-2 turn downs. Her general attitude was improving and shit testing was slowly getting less and softer, less aggressive. She initially would say you doing weights now in a grump, i would just say yes and carry on, but that subsided as time went on, now its just what i do. Then she started giving me complements about my body, touching, having better sex, less turn downs and then saying she loves me again, I say it back using the 2/3rds rule.
It was a mixed bag, lots of improvements but the real turning point happend when we were at the beach late last summer with her sister, i had my top off and her sister commented on how my body looked hot. Things then improved further very noticeably.
This continued until now where I rarely get denied sex, its about 75% starfish 25% active participation, she often will wear lingerie when i ask, anal sometimes, in different locations, recorded a time with a camera, and she never even did those things even when first met. Sex frequency is about 3-4 times per week, and her horneyness is 100% linked to her menstrual cycle. The 1000ft rope has pulled a little, she has tried dieting twice over the last 3 months. She says she loves cuddling at night me more than anything, follows my lead when cleaning house, shit tests less frequent and softer, generally more pleasant to be around, less stressed, less lazy, better to the kids, and she says she loves me all the time.
Initially i had no plan to leave, i bluffed to her that couldn't decide what to do but deep down i was never going to leave due to the kids, I value my kids tremendously, above all else. Whilst being a blue pill beta, her lazyness and complaining about how difficult the kids were, I would take it upon myself to take all work away from her to make happy. So i gradually dropped my own hobbies, friends, etc so i could look after the kids at all times, do everything so she could relax, do what she wanted thinking this made me a good husband. It made my kids even more everything to me, i was either at work or with the kids, that was my life.
Now i still put my kids at the top, in the grand scheme of life im will accommodate my life heavily for a few years for them by staying so as to have full involvement and time with them whilst they are young. So i will keep reading, lifting (it just what i do now, i cant believe im 38 and never realised how much difference this makes for women), dressing well, gaming on nights out and leading. The marriage is better than it has been since the honeymoon period but ultimately I dont want it anymore, Ive lost my trust and respect for her. The wife goggles are off and i can see shes jsut a mostly lazy, HB5, not a great mother who drinks too much.She has tried losing weight recently but fails after a week or 2, I think she just doesnt have it in her to lose any significant amount of weight. The thought of financially supporting her when kids are older and left home is abhorrent to me. The constant question that comes to mind is 'what value does she add to my life and what is the cost to my life for that'
My plan is to stick to my MAP above for a few years, become the best man i can, enjoy my kids living with me 7 days a week until they are a little older and more independent so as to lessen the affect of only seeing them 50% of the week (about 3 years when they are 7 and 11) then start having fun with hookers as that has a low chance of getting caught (Did it once already soon after i found out about the affair for revenge). If i get caught no worries, we split, i see them regularly still and i wont affect our relationship too much as they are a bit older. If i dont get caught a few years after that when they are both 10+, i up and leave anyway and hopefully take the kids with me and hit the dating scene as the best man I can be.
When i contemplate the last year, i think its sad that the world is like this, every single mum in the playground picking up their kid has a corresponding man with a similar story no doubt, and every kid from a broken home (and there a a LOT) has a degraded father relationship as a result, but i digress. Im looking forward to what lies ahead of me, i now feel like im living a life rather than just existing, with purpose and direction.
Thanks for reading, hope it helps someone, and now i must continue my path.
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Red Pill x Blue Pill (Twin Pillars) - VVS Bitcoin Pete - YouTube The Pointless Burden of Blue Pill Guilt Translating the blue pill The Path Back To The Blue Pill. (When Hope/Ignorance Outweighs Truth)

Bitcoin loves drama; so here we find ourselves at yet another crossroad. I was bored and looking around when I stumbled across some very interesting similarities from last year. You will notice almost identical movements in Red/Orange. and then what appears to be reflected patterns in Blue/Yellow. Is this the difference between an upward trend/downward trend?(we see black was fighting EMAs Use WebMD’s Pill Identifier to find and identify any over-the-counter or prescription drug, pill, or medication by color, shape, or imprint and easily compare pictures of multiple drugs. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. The more time passes, the more I think we can draw a striking parallel between the choice of the red pill or the blue pill, and the choice of Bitcoin or the U.S. dollar. Specifically, Bitcoin is Blue Bitcoin. Close. 2. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Blue Bitcoin. Pill report is down and I have the opportunity to take half a blue bit coin. I am so sick and tired of people flooding the sub with questions like " can anyone recognize this pill" like we are the fucking chemists who made it. r/mdma needs this rule so bad and it needs

[index] [10461] [7828] [4416] [27625] [27789] [13364] [24244] [10853] [446] [21514]

Red Pill x Blue Pill (Twin Pillars) - VVS

BLACK SWAN FRIDAY BITCOIN PETE'S ANTI-VIAL VIDEO GOES VIRAL!!! ... SubSudio 2020 Vision Blue Pill or Red Pill - Duration: 2 minutes, 41 seconds. 48 views; Hello Humans, it's finally here - please let us know if there's any more things you would like to know about the song. Otherwise, see you tomorrow 8PM CEST (... BLUE PILL @BLUEPILLAR44 RED PILL @EL_PHILTHMOOR SHOT & EDITED by HOUSE OF TUNES @houseoftunestv Track 19 off of #TWIN Double Album TO STREAM & PURCHASE DIGITAL/PHYSICAL COPY https://twinthealbum.com. Translating the blue pill. Translating the blue pill. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue ... Banking on Bitcoin YouTube Movies. Minister Louis Farrakhan - The Criterion 4th of July Address An Announcement to the World The Front Stoop: Hip Hop, Society, and Life 1,135 watching Live now

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