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A lot of people have asked me how to sell their ebooks, music for bitcoin. Happy to see they want to sell it for bitcoin and not fiat. Here is a quick guide for anyone looking...

There are several ways to go about selling your digital goods for bitcoin:
#1. Use e-commerce platforms:
#2. Use Third-Party services to create a sellers page
There are several services that allow you to create a quick sellers page for your product and accept crypto for it, some of such services include:
#3. Create your own website
The best way to sell your digital product online for bitcoin is by having your own e-commerce store/website.
There are tons of website builders that you can use to build your store, some include:
After you have your own store you need a plugin or extension to accept bitcoin payments, these can include:
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Moonday Mornings: Teen allegedly stole unreleased A-list music to sell for Bitcoin

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Moonday Mornings: Teen allegedly stole unreleased A-list music to sell for Bitcoin

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Moonday Mornings: Teen allegedly stole unreleased A-list music to sell for Bitcoin

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Own a label with over 500,000 music listeners, sell me on why we should accept Bitcoin please!

We are generally interested in learning more about the Bitcoin project and would like to know your thoughts around the distribution of Indie Electronic music for Bitcoins.
Thanks for your time!
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Any suggestions on how to set up a method to sell music and merchandising and get paid in bitcoin?

Is there any service that provide an app to install on my website that allows fans to buy our stuff paying in bitcoin?
thx for the suggestions
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Music Mafia Site Sells Unreleased Songs of Musicians for Bitcoin #btc #eth #altcoins - Crypto Insider Info - Whales's

Posted at: October 6, 2018 at 01:48PM
Music Mafia Site Sells Unreleased Songs of Musicians for Bitcoin #btc #eth #altcoins
Automate your Trading via Crypto Bot :
Join Telegram Channel for FREE Crypto Bot: Crypto Signal
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Lestats on adams permanently closed

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How do i sell my music for bitcoin?

Feel like art is something that bitcoin would coincide with + can't make any less than i'm already getting with money.
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lets get the indy music sales website to accept bitcoin. Can you believe they use paypal to sell $1USD mp3s!!! BTC is perfect for artists and micro transactions like this.

Go to and click the email us link down the bottom to pitch the idea to them.
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How my dorm became a drug superhighway.

The year was 2012, and we were all supposed to die in December. It was my freshman year of college. I was settling in quite well. I made friends with a bunch of people in our residence hall, we hit it off immediately. We started going out on the weekends, starting with thirsty Thursday, which turns out is actually a thing. I had more than one room mate. We lived in a four person suite with two bedrooms. I had a full ride to my University, so I had a lot of extra money to spend on my living arrangements and meal plan. Oh yeah, I was also a huge pothead.
I made friends with the dealer on my floor and started buying him extra meals in exchange for weed. That's when one of my room mates came to me with a proposition. He asked me if I knew what bitcoins were. I did not. He explained the virtual currency and how it worked. Then he really laid it all out. He told me that he had quite a lot of bitcoins and that he wants to get into selling weed. It all sounded great, but I wasn't sure what he needed me for. He then told me that he doesn't really talk to anyone and that he always sees me with people and going to parties every weekend. Okay, this makes sense. He told me how the operation would work, and it sounded swell. For the record, I was eighteen and very stupid. Anyway, he would purchase the drugs from the Silk Road, a dark website where you can buy literally fucking anything. Our friend Noah would then get the goods delivered to his apartment, which had a mailroom with hundreds of mailboxes. This was good because it would be just a little bit less suspicious, also his apartment was not on our campus. Then we'd package everything there and move it to our dorm, which had it's own security. We lived in North Philadelphia, so the security and police were always looking out for the students. After we safely had the products, I would find the buyers.
Our first shipment went well. We ordered a half pound of weed, a gram of hash, ten hits of LSD, a small bag of opium (for us), and 1000mg of Alprazolam extract for my room mate's personal anxiety treatment. We got into this business to become weed salesmen. That weed took forever to sell. Everyone who sold weed already had good connections from their hometowns. The LSD though, that sold in five fucking minutes to one buyer who was interested in buying much more than ten hits. He asked us if we could sell him a couple hundred tabs. He said he'd pay $350 for each sheet of 100. We looked at the price per sheet on the Silk Road. It would cost us only $80 each. Yes sir, we can absolutely sell you a couple sheets. We told him we'd call him when it arrived. Later that night we brewed some opium tea and celebrated entering the LSD business. We bought the sheets for him, and we also bought two extras in case anyone else wanted some.
The next shipment came with no problems. Our friend came over and bought the sheets we had promised him. We made nearly $800 on that deal. We thought that was a lot, so we celebrated. Later that same day, while smoking a blunt in our courtyard, I made friends with some art students. They invited me to their dorm on the third floor. I agreed, went with them, and we listened to music and painted the walls of the dorm room which was super against the rules. They started talking about how they had taken magic mushrooms two weeks before and how it was life changing. I told them I had two-hundred hits of acid in my room. I've never seen people get so excited in my entire life. They bought all of it. They paid $400 for each sheet. Seemingly out of nowhere we made $600. Again, we thought this was a lot.
My room mate was really happy with my networking abilities. Dude, I was just getting high with some hipster art students. I didn't really possess the "networking skills" that everyone thought I had. We went online and purchased another five sheets. We started getting a bit more confident in our ability to sell this magic money making paper. That week I was in one of my classes and had to do a group project with a kid named Eddy. We went to his apartment to work on the project after class. Eddy had an apartment off campus because he was an upperclassman. On the way he asked if I smoked weed. Of course. He said he had something to show me. When we got there he showed me a small weed plant he was growing. It was an adorable little plant in a flower pot by the window. I asked if he needed any weed and he said that he did not. We smoked a bit and then her offered me a Xanax. I had never taken Xanax, so I googled the pill he offered me. Alprazolam. Huh, that's funny. I told him I had 1000mg of alprazolam in my room. This excited him.
I asked my room mate if he was willing to sell some of his private stash. Eddy only wanted to buy around 100 milligrams. He agreed and I brought Eddy to my dorm. We gave it to him for the cool price of $150, a slick markdown from what he was paying. After all we hadn't even planned on selling that stuff. He asked how we got it so cheap and if we could get anything else. We told him that we sell LSD. He said he loves hallucinogens and would love to purchase a sheet, so he did. Four sheets left. If we sell them, we can get a new and faster computer.
The weekend came and I was hanging out with two of my friends from our residence hall. Joe, who was really chill and loved smoking weed as much as I did. And Bianca, who was so cool that it frightened me. She was really intimidating. I had a huge crush on her, but she was "talking" to a kid that lived in Johnson and Hardwick hall. Bianca was the type of person you see in movies about cool kids doing cool things. A character who has a lot of depth, but it takes nearly the whole movie to slowly peel back the layers, and by that time you're in love. I told her if we sold the rest of our acid I'd buy her a new tattoo. She was covered in them. That night Joe was going to take us to his friend Jamie's house. We were going to try cocaine for the first time. I was terrified. Not only was I terrified about trying cocaine, but I was scared of doing it with Bianca. I just didn't know how I would act, and I didn't want to do something stupid.
We arrived at Jamie's house. Jamie was also intimidating. His house was what your typical trap house looked like at the time, with a bunch of really expensive music equipment. Everybody wanted to be a rapper or a D.J. that year. He introduced all his friends and offered us lines of coke. Here we go. Joe went first, he'd already done some before. Bianca went next without hesitation. Now it was my turn. I remember my hand shaking with the rolled up bill between my fingers. I chose the smallest line and sniffed. It did not taste anything like I expected. Five minutes went by. Oh, this is what cocaine is like. It was so underwhelming. It was also some thoroughly stepped on shit. I know that now because since then I've done some foreign blow that literally almost made my heart stop. Anyway, Jamie and I got to talking, mostly about his "music career". Jamie told me if I ever wanted to buy cocaine in bulk to hit him up. I laughed and told him if he ever wanted to buy LSD in bulk to hit me up. I was half joking. He looked at me with the straightest face and asked if I was serious. Honestly, this Jamie guy really scared the shit out of me. He was a good ten inches taller than me and the whole scene was really starting to freak me out. I told him I was serious though. He told me to come with him.
He brought me into his room and closed the door. In the room it was quiet. The walls were sound proofed. I looked around and the room was full of money, cocaine, and guns. Okay, he's probably not going to kill me. I hope. He then asked about my LSD connection. I told him I could get sheets for $350. He said he wanted books. Books? This guy wants books? I didn't know this at the time, but a book is a thousand hits of LSD. I told him I had to talk to some people and I would let him know the price, but that I could definitely make it happen. We went back into the party and he gave me line after line of cocaine. Joe offered him money for the lines, but Jamie told him not to pay. He said your friend here bought you guys as much coke as you want for the night. Honestly, that made me feel really cool. After the party I talked to my room mate and told him what happened. We looked up the price of a book on the Silk Road. $300. Not only could we have saved a lot of money if we had just bought a book from the start, but we were going to make a lot more money selling by the book. The days of getting excited over $800 were about to come to an abrupt end.
I talked to Jamie and asked how much he would be willing to pay for each book. He said he would pay no more than $3000 for each book. We decided we would sell him the books for $2,800 each. He agreed and asked how many we had. I said we can start with five books. He agreed. This was perfect. Not only were we about to make more money than we had ever expected, but acid was incredibly easy to ship. They were basically sheets of paper. Our supplier used to send it to us in between the pages of large children's coloring books. The books, or prints, as our supplier called them, blended with the kid's books very well. Our prints consisted of a large picture of Bart Simpson, The Grateful Dead bears, and a double rainbow portrait. If you didn't know what acid was, you wouldn't know these were drugs. We made nearly $14,000 from that first deal.
Over the course of a few months we would sell close to thirty-thousand hits of LSD. We had $75,000 in cash sitting in an empty bedroom at Noah's apartment. I stopped going to class. My room mate had filled his entire room with computer parts and instruments. Noah, well we didn't really see him much, but he was always present when we needed a shipment. We broke our cardinal rule of not getting high on our own supply. We took a lot of acid that semester. It was an extremely enlightening period for us. Things in my world began to take on entirely new meaning. I had a newfound appreciation for things I had never noticed. The connections with my friends became very strong and we talked about a lot of stuff that was just too deep for my other peers to even scratch the surface of. It was nice.
By my birthday in February we had over $200,000 in cash. We didn't die in December, not that I thought we would, but some people were legitimately surprised. They were mostly art students. Things started getting a little crazy. My room mate and I were taking a lot of Xanax by this time and a lot of nights celebrating were never logged as memories. We always told ourselves we would only sell LSD. We had sparked a huge psychedelic scene in and around Philadelphia. There were literally parties where everyone was tripping acid. Many groups of people began taking acid and doing really creative stuff that I admired so much. So much good music and art was around during that period. I felt like I was living in San Fransisco in the middle 60's. It felt like we were part of this incredible scene that nobody outside of the city knew about. Of course every wave has to break and roll back.
It was getting close to the summer. I hadn't been to class in months. We hadn't seen Noah since the previous shipment about a month prior. It was a regular weekday, but I wasn't going to class, so I took two hits of acid. I spent most of that evening and night writing and yapping into my tape recorder. I was on the subject of togetherness and how there are so many things that are so incredible that we never notice even though they're right in front of us. Acid talk. I was looking at a glass of water, thinking about its importance, and how so many of us take it for granted. That's when my room mate came home. This was my room mate though. Remember, we had a two bedroom, four person suite. My room mate, who was never involved in our operation. He was obliterated, and not from alcohol. This was something else. He limped into the room and collapsed on the bed. I immediately got the rest of my room mates together. That's when Christian told me what transpired earlier while I was locked in the bedroom tripping acid. He told me that my room mate had broken up with his girlfriend, took an entire bottle of lorazepam, and tried to cut his leg open with my biology scalpel. What the fuck.
I examined his leg and he did not try to cut it open, he succeeded. He had a gigantic cut all the way down his lower leg that was fixed up by his father who is a surgeon. His father then brought him back to the dorm. The condition he was in was terrifying. He was breathing, but not well. His heart rate was also very low and we had to monitor him for the remainder of the night, taking shifts to make sure he didn't stop breathing. I couldn't believe his father had brought him back in the condition he was in. The next morning I was exhausted. My room mate and I, the one with the bitcoins, left and went to Noah's apartment to relax for an hour. While we were gone Bianca was to watch over him with her room mate. When we got to Noah's we had a new problem. Noah hadn't gotten out of bed for what looked like weeks. He had ran out of his antidepressants and was in bad shape. At this point I checked out. I walked into the living room and opened a bottle of champagne. I poured a glass, popped a Xanax, and sat on the sofa. I was still a little foggy from my acid trip and I hadn't slept all night. That's when my phone rang. It was Bianca.
I answered the phone and her first words were: "Your room is full of police.". Well, it's been a good run. On my desk were a couple thousand hits of LSD and a handgun. In the other bedroom were numerous unopened box's of expensive computer parts, scales and drug paraphernalia galore, and a large pile of white powdered alprazolam. That room also smelled heavily of weed because there was a half pound out in the open. We had gotten very sloppy. I asked her if my room mate was okay. She said that's why the police are there. She said his mom was trying to reach him and he wasn't answering her, so she called the police for a wellness check. Bianca then started talking to someone and hung up the phone.
We pondered whether or not to flee the country and become outlaws. We did after all have all the cash here at Noah's. Close to a million dollars. Maybe more. Because we were getting sloppy, we had also started selling hash, Xanax, LSD, 25i-NBOMe, 2c-b, 2c-i, 2c-E, Mescaline, cocaine, MDMA, MDA, LSA, clonazepam, ativan, and other various designer drugs. We were going down for a long time. I started thinking about my life. It literally was flashing before my eyes. I thought about my high school crush, and how I should have been more upfront with her about how much I liked her. I loved her. I thought about the time we slept in the same bed and I couldn't fall asleep because I couldn't believe she was really laying next to me. I remembered how I never wanted to wake up next to anyone else. I thought about my trivial crush on Bianca and how shallow it really was. I thought about my parents and how they'd raised me better. How they did so much for me so that I could go away to college and have a better life than they had. I thought about sitting on the beach last summer without a care in the world. The "problems" in my life that seemed hilarious now. Will I go to prom? Is my car cool enough? My k/d ratio in Call of Duty. How could so much happen in less than a year? That's when Bianca called me again.
I was terrified to pick up that phone. We looked outside to see if police were surrounding the apartment complex. They were not. I answered the phone. She said the police were gone. She had put my gun and LSD in my desk drawer. The police never entered the other bedroom. It was just a wellness check. An ambulance came and took my room mate. He was going to be okay. I hugged my partner in crime and we cried. I wish I could tell you we cleaned up our lives after that. My room mate with the bitcoins developed a really dangerous drug habit after that. He spent most of his money on drugs over the next few years. I went back to class after that summer, but stopped going again because I wanted to party instead and start a career as a writer. I failed out of college. Throughout the years I went on numerous adventures all around the world. I have hundreds of stories, I just have to write them. Oh and I have to learn how to write properly. I don't use a lot of drugs today, and I don't encourage people to use drugs. I have unfortunately lost many friends during the opiate epidemic. Weed is cool though, I like weed. I wouldn't tell people to smoke it, but I'll never shame someone for enjoying some cannabis. Actually, I don't really shame people for anything, it's just not my place to judge anyone. Feel free to judge me though, about how my dorm became a drug superhighway.

\*Thanks for reading, more stories available on my blog. There's a link on my profile.*

Edit: This story is based around actual events that I have experienced.
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@sfxio: We've been accepted into @BoostVC to build a #Bitcoin based BandCamp. Sell your music, receive instant payouts worldwide. It starts today!

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Any suggestions on how to set up a method to sell music and merchandising and get paid in bitcoin?

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Is there any service that provide an app to install on my website that allows fans to buy our stuff paying in bitcoin?
thx for the suggestions
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Any suggestions on how to set up a method to sell music and merchandising and get paid in bitcoin? /r/Bitcoin

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Thanks to Bitcoin, I can finally sell my music online again!

Small time artist here. Ever since Amie Street was shut down by Amazon I haven't had a decent place to sell my music online. Thanks to Bitcoin, I was able to easily create my own. I am a believer now.
Not much to look at, but you can get the music here:
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How do i sell my music for bitcoin? /r/Bitcoin

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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Can anyone help get this message to Bandcamp? I'd love to sell music for Bitcoin!

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How do I sell my music exclusively for bitcoin?

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Can anyone help get this message to Bandcamp? I'd love to sell music for Bitcoin!

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I want to sell my music for bitcoins. What would be the best way to go about that?

I've been casually watching bitcoin for a while now and I saw it first when it was at around 20$. I've been kinda wanting to try to get into it, but just couldn't convince myself until recently, when I decided that I want to try and sell my music via bitcoin. I actually feel a bit stupid now that I didn't buy into bitcoin earlier now though... anyhow, what/where would be a good way sell my music for bitcoin? I have my stuff for sale for pretty cheap right now since I mostly do it for fun but here is my space on bandcamp if anyone is interested. What steps would I need to take to be able to sell my stuff for bitcoin? I really appreciate any help you guys give me. Also, I have no problem giving you guys some free album codes and stuff if you like my stuff. Thanks!
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I want to sell my forthcoming music project with the 'Pay-What-You-Want' model via Bitcoin. How?

...and Paypal. Basically, Bandcamp is the perfect model for what I want to use but they don't have Bitcoin built into their service. I'd like to integrate something similar rather than just doing it the easy way where I put my Wallet ID on as plaintext on the artist/project page. Would ideally prefer the current process Bandcamp uses when prompted to download, to make it feel like a purchasing system at least.
Is there any way to do this? I've got no experience in web & coding.
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We sell Music On Hold and now accept Bitcoin!

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How To Sell Your Music on Amazon bitcoin - YouTube It's Easy To Sell Stock Music Buy Bitcoin - YouTube How to get 100% FREE UNLIMITED Bitcoin in 2020!  New Easy Working Method

Musicoin (MUSIC) is a cryptocurrency. Users are able to generate MUSIC through the process of mining. Musicoin has a current supply of 1,680,779,200. Step-by-step instructions on how to sell MUSIC for Canadian dollars or cryptocurrency.. Musicoin is a well-known cryptocurrency that trades using the ticker symbol MUSIC . It uses the Ethash algorithm and Proof of Work for mining new coins, similar to Bitcoin mining. “Simply buy and sell your games, iPads, iPhones, and more” Description: Glyde is a marketplace for people selling and buying used smartphones, tablets, video games, and other gadgets. Sellers can choose to have their earnings withdrawn in Bitcoin, to a bank account, or via paper check. Get Musicoin (MUSIC) price, charts, volume, market cap, exchange list and more. Buy, sell, and trade the world's most popular cryptocurrencies. Highly volatile investment product. Musicoin/Bitcoin Ratio: 1 BTC = ? MUSIC Popular coins right now on CoinGecko. eToro Sponsored. Synthetix Network Token 7.6%. Music Art & design TV & radio Stage When my girlfriend became pregnant I decided to sell my bitcoins to decorate a nursery. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has become a fount of free

[index] [8813] [18922] [23228] [19212] [11525] [25803] [24823] [9031] [14699] [13488]

How To Sell Your Music on Amazon

How to get 100% FREE UNLIMITED Bitcoin in 2020! 💲💲💲 New Easy Working Method - Websites: Mnemonic: Blockchain: Earn Bitcoin/BRO by Listening Music: 👉 ANNUAL INTEREST RATE 4.08%!!! bitcoin wallet: 👉 Faucetpa... MusicDigi makes it easy to upload your music to Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, plus dozens of other music stores and streaming services. Find out more -- Sign ... Thanks for watching! For donations: Bitcoin - 1CpGMM8Ag8gNYL3FffusVqEBUvHyYenTP8. Daniel Carrizalez is a full-time music composer, guitarist, music producer, and the founder of Stock Music Licensing. He was born in London/England, but grew up in Venezuela, Canada and the USA.

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