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Bitcoin Generator Level 2 Upgrade timer reset.

I started the Bitcoin Generate Level 2 Upgrade last night. The patch (0.12.1) hit today and after logging in after applying patch I had about 20 mins left on the upgrade timer. I sat in the hideout watching it count down, when it hit 0 the timer reset. It's now back at 24 hours for the upgrade...
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DOWNLOAD LINK: Generator v3.3

DOWNLOAD LINK: Generator v3.3
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Best Bitcoin Faucets

Best Bitcoin Faucets
Bitcoin faucets are websites or applications that offer you a small amount of bitcoin as a reward for making easy tasks. Depending on the selected faucet, users can earn coins for completing various tasks, such as viewing certain websites, watching ads, entering a captcha, or playing a game.
by StealthEX
At the beginning of the cryptocurrency’s existence, when the stakes were not so high, the creators of faucets gave 5 bitcoins for each claim — back then it was their way to promote digital money among newcomers. Now faucets operate with much smaller amounts and give out some part of the Bitcoin, which is measured in Satoshi(named after the creator of Bitcoin). Satoshi is the smallest possible fractional number of Bitcoin — one BTC is equal to 100 million Satoshi.
If you have ever left a water tap not completely closed, you probably noticed that water was dripping into it, and if you put a bowl under it, sooner or later it will be filled. Even though one-time payments on faucets are scanty, many advise not to neglect the opportunity to earn on them, because, with the right approach, faucets can bring a tangible profit with a minimum of effort.
There are plenty of sites offering free bitcoins. Unfortunately, most of them are not trustworthy, do not live long, or are simply overflowed with annoying flashing ads. However, there are some that work for many years, used by thousands of users and considered reliable.
Here is the list of them:


This faucet is probably the most well-known one. It was created in 2013 on the territory of the British Virgin Islands. Payouts are not fixed and vary for each claim. You can get cryptocurrency every hour, and for each claim you get from 0.00000030 to 0.03 BTC. In addition to the faucet, Freebitcoin allows you to earn in other ways — save interest on your deposit, play the lottery, invite new users via referral links.
It supports several withdrawal methods: you can set up automatic withdrawal every Sunday, slow withdrawal every 6–24 hours, or use the fastest instant withdrawal that takes 15 minutes. The last one, of course, has the highest fee.

Moon Bitcoin

Founded in 2015, the Moon Bitcoin has a certain user base and is considered by many to be one of the best faucets in existence.
There are many appealing bonus offers. For example, the site gives you a reward for consistency — if you enter a captcha at least once every day, you will accumulate a bonus +1% to earnings daily. Like most other faucets, Moon Bitcoin offers a bonus for bringing new users.
Earned funds are instantly transferred to the linked Coinpot wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 Satoshi if you agree to pay the fee. Or wait until it’s going to be over 50,000 Satoshi on your account and withdrawal money for free. It is worth saying that Coinpot has its own bonus program. For example, for one captcha entry, you get 3 Coinpot tokens that can also be converted to cryptocurrency.
There are also Moon faucets for Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and DogeCoin. All payments are concentrated in one Coinpot account.

Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus Bitcoin is one of the oldest services and is considered one of the best bitcoin faucets. You can request a new portion of free coins every 15 minutes, getting an average of 10 Satoshi per claim. You can also gain more coins completing tasks in the offers and surveys section.
Users who regularly stay active for a number of days receive an additional 5% of their daily rewards. The site also gives 50% of all fees of users you invited using referral links.
Bonus Bitcoin accounts are also connected to Coinpot, a micro-earnings wallet that accumulates your payouts. The site also provides the opportunity to earn Litecoin and Dogecoin.


This is one more faucet associated with Coinpot wallet. Bitfun started its work in January 2017. In addition to the faucet itself, which allows you to request free Satoshi every 3 minutes, the site has a large number of browser games of various genres. Progress in these games gives you additional earnings. You can also earn coins by completing offers.
As with Bonus Bitcoin, the user receives 50% of the fees of their referrals.


The service was launched in 2018 and has become known as one of the best free bitcoin generators. There are several ways to claim Satoshi. In addition to the faucet, you can also earn bitcoins by watching videos, clicking on ads, and playing browser games.
Here you can make claims once every 12 hours and get a certain number of Coins to your account. Coins are the inner currency of this service, 10000 Coins worth 1$. It converted to Satoshi at the time of withdrawal.
Rewards can be collected at FaucetHub, another web wallet for micropayments, in this case, the withdrawal limit is 35,000 Coins. For amounts over 100,000 Coins, withdrawals can be made directly to your bitcoin wallet. Or you can keep Coins at the site and earn 5% interest.
Users can earn a loyalty bonus, by claiming rewards every day. Bringing another user via referral link gives you 25% of their claims and 10% of their offer earnings.


PentaFaucet is one of the oldest and most stable bitcoin faucets today. The main difference from similar websites is that the site uses double protection: captcha and anti-bot. You can collect from 5 to 25 Satoshi every 5 minutes. A reasonable amount of advertising and a simple interface make working with the faucet comfortable.
The faucet does not allow you to earn money from games, surveys, and other sponsorship services. In addition to the main method, it offers only a referral program, giving 10% from earnings of each new user.
Earned Satoshi are instantly transferred to the FaucetHub wallet. You can withdraw your funds from FaucetHub to your bitcoin wallet once a week on Sundays.


FireFaucet is a multi-currency automatic faucet, perhaps the best of its kind. This resource allows you to earn 9 cryptocurrencies at the same time, as well as instantly withdraw the accumulated funds to the Faucet Hub.
The Auto Claim function allows for collecting currency automatically. You can change the number of currencies to get and the time between collections.
FireFaucet affords many different ways to earn money: in addition to the faucet itself, there are also offers, a referral system that gives 20% from newcomer’s income, and browser mining. FireFaucet also has its own unique level system: getting XP for various actions on the site and raising their level, users receive a reward in Satoshi.
As a pleasant addition, FireFaucet has a nice-looking design and does not use pop-up ads.


This bitcoin faucet does not require registration. All you need is the public address of your BTC wallet. Users can claim Satoshi every hour, getting from 5 to 1200 each time.
At the moment DailyFreeBits is using the FaucetHub wallet we are already familiar with. The resource offers a referral reward. By inviting new users to the website, you can regularly receive 10% of their earnings.
These are probably the best bitcoin faucets at this point. Do not expect that you will earn loads of money just using faucets, but it is with no doubt an interesting and easy way to get a certain portion of free Satoshi and learn how the cryptocurrency and various wallets work.
Always be careful and study every site that is claimed to be a Bitcoin faucet with some scepticism. Always be critical of your choice and read reviews.
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free bitcoin mining

Start free bitcoin mining with best, fast & free cloud mining services. Unlimited Free Bitcoins Generator without investment, Free Mining!
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The 2-Minute Rule for Bitcoin QR Generator

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Just An Idea For Thermals

So been following the thermal talks going on for a bit now. Just thought of something that might be good in terms of balancing them, because i dont think thermals need to be tweaked, just the way they are used or powered.
What if you had a thermal charging station? Kinda like the bitcoin generator, u need to dismantle a thermal for its battery or some kind of super hard trade to get a thermal battery that allows you to build a thermal charging station in the hideout. You charge the battery, then place in the thermal allowing it to work.
Having something in the hideout would give a time factor, that cant really be skipped with rubles or anything. Maybe even have it so you need car or tank batteries to power it, Eh okay maybe not anything that big to power it, but you get the point.
Due to ingame times moving faster than real time, maybe have 6 hours of charging = 6 hours in game raid time, and the max storage goes up when you level it.
for example with leveling the thermal powering station:
LVL 1: 1.5hr charge = 1.5hr in raid time usage
LVL 2: 3 hr charge = 3 hours in raid time usage
Or maybe have it so 3 hr charge = 1.5 hr raid time usage
Could even have it you can only have one battery at a time, maybe 2 at max level and when you die you lose the actual goggles and battery. This way super rich late game bois cant just rebuy and equip all day and it would mean that maybe the price of them would be a bit easier to balance because the goggles themselves wouldnt be the most important part anymore.
Just something that i came up with walking home lol. Havent really thought it out, but when i actually put the idea to paper it seemed pretty cool, would love to hear what everyone else thinks on this.
Sorry if this is written bad, very rarely post anything on Reddit usually just a lurker so if this reads like crap i apologize for it!
Edit: Spelling
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United Coins🔮

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United Coins🔮

📢Hello ladies and gentlemen I have a Bitcoin generator that generates Bitcoin, I can help you earn 💲359 every 2 hours with just 💲150 account activation, only interested people should inbox me. ===≠=========≠=== 💯Live support No Hassel Super quick withdrawals 💯Legit ===≠=========≠=== Write me on WhatsApp 📠 +1 305 489 9675
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United Coins🔮

📢Hello ladies and gentlemen I have a Bitcoin generator that generates Bitcoin, I can help you earn 💲359 every 3 hours with just 💲150 account activation, only interested people should inbox me. ===≠=========≠=== 💯Live support No hassel Super quick withdrawals 💯Legit ===≠=========≠=== Write me on WhatsApp 📠 +1 305 489 9675
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United Coins

📢Hello ladies and gentlemen I have a Bitcoin generator that generates Bitcoin, I can help you earn 💲359 every 2 hours with just 💲150 account activation, only interested people should inbox me. ===≠=========≠=== 💯Live support No Hassel Super quick withdrawals 💯Legit ===≠=========≠=== Write me on WhatsApp 📠 +1 305 489 9675
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United Coins🔮

📢Hello ladies and gentlemen I have a Bitcoin generator that generates Bitcoin, I can help you earn 💲359 every 3 hours with just 💲150 account activation, only interested people should inbox me. ===≠=========≠=== 💯Live support No hassel Super quick withdrawals 💯Legit ===≠=========≠=== Write me on WhatsApp 📠 +1 305 489 9675
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05-25 18:36 - 'Are you interested in earning a consistent income by trading Bitcoin? I'm a full time binary and Cryptocurrency options trader. I do manage account for individuals/corporate entity and generate Daily/weekly profit. I ca...' by /u/Adamstheinvestor removed from /r/Bitcoin within 2-12min

Are you interested in earning a consistent income by trading Bitcoin? I'm a full time binary and Cryptocurrency options trader. I do manage account for individuals/corporate entity and generate Daily/weekly profit. I can help manage your live trading account to make a formidable profit within a certain period of trade (usually weeks/monthly depending on when you will be making withdrawal ) with the aid of the auxiliary trading system. If you are interested, message me on WhatsApp +1 (213) 296-5666
Context Link
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Author: Adamstheinvestor
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To anyone who's been able to get in, how are the "found in raid" changes shaping up?

Used to be that crafting things at your base, bitcoin generation, etc gave items the FIR status. Is that still the case?
If not, bitcoin generation and gunpowder will probably no longer be the meta.
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Air Filtering Unit balancing

I've been thinking about the timeframe of the boost provided by the Air Filtering Unit. You spend ~160K rubles on a filter for a 20 hour boost of +40% physical skills. That's a cool hideout feature, but the 20 hours seems like a weird timeframe.
Most "committed" players who are in tarkov for the long haul probably play between 4-8 hours a day, with some people able to commit ~12 hours if they aren't working or have other responsibilities at the time.
So lets say we start our 20 hour filter at the start of our gaming time - for most people that's after work. You pop in the filter, and get 20 hours of +% skills gain. For our average player, thats 6 hours of benefit before you need to go to bed for work the next day. So 6 hours of benefit, then we sleep for 8 hours, then we work/commute for 9 hours. At this point 23 hours have passed, so our filter has run out 3 hours ago. The notable exception for this would be weekends, when 20 hours might net you ~12-14 hours of benefit, but almost guarantee wasted time when you sleep. The point is 20 hours almost guarantees that some of the benefit will be wasted while the player is sleeping.
So what's the big deal? How is it different from the generator? With the generator, some of the benefit is wasted when you sleep, but with 2 big differences. First, generator fuel is extremely cheap compared to the air filter. Second, generator fuel provides a benefit even while the player is asleep - long crafting jobs, bitcoin generation, etc.
So what would be better? One approach would be to make the air filter item timeframe shorter. Reduce the benefit from 20 hours to 6 hours, but balance it accordingly. Change it to a 2x2 item so its easier to bring out of raids, make the crafting time in the lavatory slightly shortecheaper. This would allow players to effectively use air filters when appropriate, and use multiple slots when they have extended periods to play. Alternatively, you could increase the timeframe to something like 48 hours. In this case, I would keep the item size the same, increase crafting time in the lavatory slightly.
Either way would make the air filtering unit feel useful rather than wasteful.
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Hideout Idea : Counterfeit Machine

I've always found it strange how there's no real official avenue of converting Euros and Dollars back into Roubles. But with the addition of quests like Mentor : Sniper, which requires 50,000 Euros, I think we could use something that converts money (other than the traders.)

To be clear, I don't think the mentor quests are a bad idea. I like the idea of paying for training in a skill. However, 50,000 Euros is a bit steep, since it converts to somewhere in the range of 6 million Roubles-6.5 million Roubles. Sure, Sniper skill is required for a few quests, but 300 will only get you enough for levels 1-7 on it's own, which leaves 170 skill points in the Sniper skill to be acquired to finish the Wet Job quest line. That is no small task, and paying 6 million Roubles to get to that point seems a bit much. But the solution might not be to make the number of Euros required smaller.

You could add a Counterfeit Machine, with the ability to convert Roubles -> Dollars and Roubles -> Euros with a better conversion rate than the traders have. It could also solve the issue of converting Dollars and Euros back into Roubles through an official avenue, rather than buying parts which sell for Euros/Dollars and then selling those parts. I'm not sure what the conversion would be like for Euros -> Roubles and Dollars -> Roubles, since you don't want to make all conversion rates better than normal, otherwise people could farm infinite money.

Obviously there'd be a timer on crafting, but waiting an hour and a half to get a 30-40% better conversion rate on dollars and euros than normal would seem worth it to me, especially if it doesn't require additional investment, similar to the bitcoin generator. Just the initial cost, with no maintenance fee (other than fuel).

Just something to think about, I think the hideout could always use more tools within it, and I think this could be a cool one.
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Remember how cryptocurrencies were supposed to be ultra efficient? New study finds bitcoin generates a welfare loss about 500 times as large as a monetary economy with 2% inflation (PDF)

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Is adding graphics cards to your bitcoin farm worth it?

I was inspired by this guy's post, which analyzes if you should build a bitcoin farm at all, to do some math of my own.
His post is a few months old and prices are a lot different, but I was also asking a different question than him. I already have my bitcoin farm...
So the question I was asking myself is "does it make sense to add more graphics cards to my farm?" and "Is there a 'best number' of cards?".
According to the wiki page, the formula for bitcoin generation is:
0.05 + (GC - 1) / 49 * 0.15
This isn't a linear equation, but it does give a linear answer to my question. After a bunch of mathing in Google Sheets, I've come to the conclusion that each graphics card actually provides the same amount of INCREASED profit, no matter how many you have in your farm (after the first of course).
Based on a BTC cost of 154,000R, each graphics card you add will provide an additional 471R of profit, per hour (11.3k per day). At a cost of 300,000R per graphics card, that's a little over 26 days for it to pay for itself. This is assuming you are running your farm full time, of course. Because the profits are the same, per card, it doesn't matter how many you add, or when you add them, after 26 days each new card added will have paid for itself.
Note: While there is color coding for farm levels, that doesn't matter either unless you are considering upgrading specifically to add more cards. Then I guess you should consider the cost of the upgrade, the fact that it takes 26 days to make a profit adding a new card, and then decide if it's worth it. You could use the magic number of 471h (11.3k/day) per card to determine if the upgrade is worth it or not. If you upgrade to add 15 more cards, you'd be making an extra ~169,000R per day... so depending on the cost of the upgrade, it would probably get paid of pretty quickly.
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DW Spider Crawler..

This has probably been asked a bunch of times by now, but does anyone know what spider crawler Muta uses for the DW series? I know he used to use Harry71, but that's been down for years now and I sometimes go to Daniel's List or Fresh Onions, but a majority of the links are bitcoin generators or the such...
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BitPanda CEO: Bitcoin is Gold 2.0 for the younger generation

BitPanda CEO: Bitcoin is Gold 2.0 for the younger generation
According to Cointelegraph, BitPanda CEO Eric Demuth called BTC "Gold 2.0" or "A Better Version of Gold." As the demand for digital assets increases, so does the demand for precious metals. "This supports my long-standing theory that Bitcoin is the golden 2.0 of the younger and 'more digital' generation." In addition to scarcity and functionality, he said that digital currencies are easy to cash out quickly and can be transferred almost free of charge. And it can be stored in its own pocket. In addition, Eric Demuth also said that the impact of regulation on the crypto industry depends on specific regulations and may be a good
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Weekly news review (May 25-31)

Weekly news review (May 25-31)
Howdy, everyone! The Satoshi saga continues... let's take a look!

High-end Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller has partnered with alternative assets investing firm Regal Assets to release the bitcoin (BTC) storage watch “Encrypto.”
In addition to being a high-end fashion accessory, with a price ranging from $9,800 to $50,600, the watch reportedly also functions as a cold wallet for BTC. The watch is reported to be engraved with a public address on its dial and comes paired with a private key on a USB drive. According to the firm, the “deep cold storage wallet” is unhackable and uses “offline generated, non-deterministic TRNGs (True Random Numbers Generated).”

United States sanctions incentivized North Korea to launch cyberattacks involving cryptocurrency, a senior FBI official told a conference. The comments were quoted by South Korean English-language news outlet Korea Herald on May 30.
Pyongyang is suspected to be behind several major campaigns involving cryptocurrency ransomware and theft in recent years. These have ranged from global attacks, such as 2017’s WannaCry, to targeted moves against exchanges in South Korea and nearby countries.

A scam and malware campaign is underway on YouTube that uses videos to promote a "bitcoin generator" tool that promises to generate free bitcoins for its users. In reality, this scam is pushing the Qulab information-stealing and clipboard hijacking Trojan.
When executed, the Trojan will copy itself to %AppData%\amd64_microsoft-windows-netio-infrastructure\msaudite.module.exe and launch itself from that location.
If you have been infected with this Trojan, you should immediately change all passwords for your financial accounts and web sites that you visit. As always, you should use a password manager in order to create unique and strong passwords for every account you visit.

In the latest milestone of its renewed bull run, bitcoin (BTC) broke past $9,000 on Thursday, soaring to its highest price point in over a year.
Bitcoin broke the psychological price point of $9,000, hitting a high last seen in early May 2018. In recent days, bitcoin had been comfortably trading in the $8,600-800 range.

Official United States copyright archive data shows that Wei Liu, a Chinese citizen residing in California, claimed copyright to bitcoin’s (BTC) white paper.
In the filing, Liu claims to have published the bitcoin white paper on Jan. 11, 2008, under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, with the title “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” Earlier this month, self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright also filed United States copyright registrations for the same paper and most of the original code used to build bitcoin.

Do you have any thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below ;)
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how to make free bitcoins,
how to transfer bitcoins from any person address.bitcoin private key hack.bitcoin generator
bitcoin private key hack
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Author: allenjohn28
1: y**t*.b*/34wFE*UFi8g 2: you*u**e/34*FE*U*i8g]^^1
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Any devs willing to review this?

Hey guys! I'm working on a bitcoin generator that makes the seed and associated master public keys so that those keys can be imported into a watch-only wallet like samourai or electron.
Qvault (the app) is a password manager so the idea is to allows users to generate the seed in the password manager, then just copy the master keys into a watch-only wallet for maximum HODL security.
Here is the code, anyone catch any potential problems with it?
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